Brought to Light

“Brought to Light” is my first body of work shot with studio lighting behind a light box. I wanted to create a consistent lighting situation that would give me the ability to focus more on the content of my images. Using transparent and opaque materials I began developing a new method of creating my images. I made drawings which I cut out as components of each piece. I then created sets with various objects and the drawings. This process provided me with much greater freedom and I was able to make most any scene I could think of. When these constructed set ups were backlit inside of the light box I would photograph what was visible through the white paper on the other side of the box. It felt like pure magic. In this work there are themes of the unknown, motherhood, and societal expectations on women. There is an underlying sense of frustration in some of these images relating to the facades we display in public vs. revealing the reality of what we really think in private. In essence, I brought these issues to light both in technique and in visual representation.

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