Until Then is Now

"Until Then is Now" is a project based on personal and shared experiences of growing older in a youth centric American society. For many of us, even since childhood, there is a sense of fear and even dread of growing older. We associate it with declining physique and appeal, increased risk of health and mental problems, and eventually not being able to care for ourselves. "Until Then is Now" refers to a sense of denial we experience that getting old will not happen to us anytime soon or ever. In American culture, unlike other cultures, there isn’t typically a lot of respect for our older generations. There seems to be a sense of pity and discomfort that they are the inevitable reality that we ourselves do not want to face. There is a huge market of anti aging products aimed at people of all ages that promise prevention and even cures. One’s appearance is the first identifier of their age and how they may be treated because of it. However, once someone crosses the threshold of no longer being considered young anymore, their fears do to start to come true. There is a gradual sense of being seen as less relevant, capable, and appealing. For women in particular, studies show that by their late 40’s many women start to actually feel invisible in this society. We are flooded with advertising and images in all media that mostly feature people younger than ourselves. It’s a disconcerting and even alienating experience that both older women and men experience in varying degrees. This work is a portrayal of my experience becoming middle aged in a society that is in endless pursuit of the “fountain of youth”.

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