Vivid Dreaming

In “Vivid Dreaming”, I worked a lot with color, texture, and layering to create a surreal feeling to the images. Working with dreams provided me with a lot of material for the project. I have always wished that there could be some way to record our dreams to look at again and again. If a dream can be remembered, it becomes less detailed and harder to recall after a certain amount of time,unless we write it down. However, words can only describe the content of a dream. I wanted to find a way to actually visually depict a dream, maybe just one part of it, or even just it’s essence. The other difficult aspect of recreating a dream, is creating a visual representation of the feelings experienced in the dream. Emotion is a such a large aspect of dreaming that it is sometimes all that we can recall about it. In the past I have tried to tackle this challenge by drawing, painting, and using traditional photography as mediums. However, these methods fell short of capturing the feeling and emotion in a dream. I feel that this body of work comes closer to achieving that goal.

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